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Performance Software Associates, Inc. was established in 1983 to transfer automated control technology from the space industry to the commercial arena. Our first product, GCI, an irrigation control system, provided seamless control for analog systems in place in the industry. Our earliest Anchor product, Anchor realtime software, offered a development and run-time system with simplified application development in a scalable format. AnchorPAW, our Programmer’s Automated Workbench, was introduced in 1998 for Windows NT® and later upgraded for Windows® 2000 and Windows® XP. AnchorPLC, our run-time system, was first released in early 1999, enabling us to begin offering PLC-like automation for industrial controllers. Most recently we have introduced applications using these proven products to develop AnchorCP for cathodic protection AnchorFLOW, a gas flow measurement system, and AnchorFLOWConfig, offering Windows® compatible flow configuration screens.

These products provide our customers with the most current technology for their control applications and environments. Examples of where our products are in place include water flow control and monitoring, hydroelectric power generation control and scheduling, pipeline cathodic protection control and monitoring, electric generator unit control, precision temperature control for critical processes, and geo-thermal power production control.

Our definition of "service" is providing comprehensive, courteous, and technologically sound information for Anchor application, training, integration, installation and operation.

PSAI expects our products to be the most used and trusted tools in our customers' software toolboxes; therefore, we offer complete product support and continuous product improvement to ensure customer satisfaction.

At PSAI, the employees are our most valuable assets. We employ highly skilled innovators who are dedicated to developing and delivering the highest quality control software, product training and technical support.

We are committed to building and marketing leading edge process control software to all levels of control needs while offering seamless integration of new technology into the customer environment through standards-based tools.


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