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  AnchorCP is a complete remote monitoring and control system for cathode corrosion protection systems. The system integrates precision control, automated testing, and remote monitoring into a single industrial strength package.

The AnchorCP System provides a Cathode Protection System with synchronized control of rectifiers. Isolated analog inputs directly control rectifier on / off cycles via relay outputs. The system provides for daily time schedules with user selected times for on / off cycle scheduling.

The system clock is synchronized with a highly accurate GPS antenna to provide rectifier interruption and control of multiple units within +/- 2 millisecond accuracy. The GPS interface allows for precise control over vast geographical locations.

Local and remote electronic data recording of system variables includes instant off and on / off cycle readings, rectifier voltage, amperage and more. Over 100,000 data points can be stored in the unit.

AnchorView is easy to use monitoring software that allows support personnel to view and test the system local or remotely. No programming of the system is required. Generates Excel “c.s.v.” data and trend files for flexible report generation. It supports direct connection to Access/SQL databases.

ModbusTCP and Modbus RTU protocol support provides ease of integration to any SCADA System.

Status and alarm notification can be programmed by the user to generate a message for events such as power loss, structure-to-soil potential out of range, current out of range, and more. Email, fax, and alphanumeric pager notification is available.

Network and serial based communications options provide simple enterprise integration. Wireless communications options include cell, radio, and satellite. Dial and leased line connections are supported.

Electrically isolated I/O channels provide the capability to read and control any analog, digital, and serial signals. Industrial NEMA standard enclosures are available to meet the toughest environmental conditions. An optional 19” rack mount unit with visible status / alarm annunciation is also available.

The cathode protection open system design results in a cost-effective solution while offering the user the option of customizing the system.

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