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AnchorPAW our process automation workbench is an integrated process control system users design workbench.

This single tool performs all phases of development for a process control system, including application implementation, system test, connection specification, hardware configuration specification and system operation.

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· IEC 61131-3 Based
· Point & Click Windows Environment
· Windows® 98, Windows 2000, and Windows NT® compatible
· Logic Simulation
· Integrated Tag Database & Configurator
· User Defined Special Function Blocks in Structured Text or
· Ladder Logic
· Fully Integrated Math Function Library
· Local & Remote Program Execution
· Support for Stream I/O
· Support for Digital Immediate I/O
· Support for Channel I/O Modules
· Variable Cross Reference Generation


· Ladder Logic (LD)
· Instruction List (IL)
· Structured Text (ST)

· Maxi Unlimited Variables
· Extended 1024 Variables
· Standard 256 Variables
· Starter 64 Variables

· Runs on
Microsoft Windows NT®,
Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP
· Stop/Start
· Force Variables


· Simulation and On-line
· Viewable Program Execution States
· Real-time Variables

· IBM PC-Compatible Platforms Running
Microsoft Windows NT®,
Microsoft Windows 2000, or
Microsoft Windows XP
· OPTO 22 SNAP Ultimate I/O Brain

The AnchorPAW offers a new standard for ease of integration, installation, and predictability for a control development workbench. Combined with the AnchorPLC runtime system, it provides the highest level of functionality, reliability and flexibility for softlogic control systems.

Anchor software products - Logic at its best!
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