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AnchorPLC For Opto 22® is a logic runtime system for control programs developed using our AnchorPAW workbench. With these programs, users direct the operation of processes, local instrumentation, and hardware via the OPTO 22 SNAP Ultimate Brain® and OPTO 22 SNAP Ultimate I/O modules. Ladder Logic and Structured Text, IEC 61131-3 control languages, are used in programming the runtime system.

With AnchorPLC’s Modbus Master capability, the OPTO 22 Ultimate Brain can access remote points via Modbus/TCP (Ethernet) and Modbus/RTU to provide true distributed industrial control. This product combination offers HUGE programming space for IEC-61131-3 embedded control.
The Ultimate Brain version of AnchorPLC for OPTO provides the functions of a standard Modbus/RTU Master or Slave by querying or responding via Modbus/RTU or Modbus/TCP queries for status and data with unprecedented ease.


· Huge Application Area
· Complete Math Function Library
User Defined Functions
· Set Desired Setpoints
· PID Support
· Access to Serial Module Serial I/O
· Stream I/O for Serial Modules
· Task Independence with Minimal Overhead
· IEC 61131-3 Ladder Logic and Structured Text Languages

· Maxi Unlimited Variables & Modbus/Master
· Extended 1024 Variables & Modbus/Master
· Standard 256 Variables, Modbus/TCP & Modbus/RTU
· Starter 64 Variables

· Modbus/TCP
· Modbus/RTU
· Modbus Master
· Modbus Slave
· Firewire I/F
   · Variables available to M4 Controllers
   · Opto22 Firewire I/F


· OPTO 22 SNAP-Ultimate I/O Brain
OPTO 22 A/D, D/A and Discrete I/O
RS-485, RS-232 Serial Modules


The Modbus/RTU protocol is supported for the RS-232 or RS-485 SNAP serial modules. Multiple serial module ports can be designated as slave or master Modbus/RTU ports and the Modbus/TCP protocol is available for master and slave. Also, custom protocols are implemented via AnchorPLC Stream I/O from RS-232 and RS-485 Serial Modules.

AnchorPLC is truly easy to master. The flexibility offered to the logic environment is unmatched.


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